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Pelletier Genealogy





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Pelletier Family

Circa 1919

Standing - Left to Right

Mary Yvonne, Cyrias, Elmina, Joseph Andre


Marie Alice Margaret, Marie Anna




Circa 1919

Cyrias & Elmina Pelletier

Collins Street home of the Pelletier family.

There was an additional floor on this building

at the time they lived there. 

The above pictures were taken on the roof of this home.


Circa 1923

Left to Right

Marie Alice Margaret Pelletier

Cyrias Pelletier

Marie Anna Pelletier




Circa 1920

Mary Yvonne Pelletier

Marie Elmina Pelletier

Cyrias Pelletier

Mary and her father attempting to get

her mother Elmina into the picture.



Circa 1928

Mary "Pelletier" Albanese

with daughter "Betty" Mary Elisabeth

Elmina Pelletier

Alice "Pelletier" Goguen

with daughter Mary Louise



Circa 1940

Harriet "Lackyard" Sister


Marie Elmina Pelletier

Cyrias Pelletier



Circa 1924

Joseph Pelletier & Frank Carrier

Half brothers

Frank is son of Elmina from her first marriage


Circa 1926

Zachey Pelletier (brother of Cyrias)


Mary Yvonne Pelletier