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Pelletier Genealogy




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 Pelletier Coat of Arms  


Birthplace of Guillaume Pelletier

Born in  Bresolettes, Perche, France in 1598

First of this Pelletier line to arrive in Canada


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Surnames that can be found on this page

Albanese, Anastos, Argenbright, Barnes, Bartlett, Baxter, Begley, Beriau, Bonney, Brisson, Caron, Carrier, Cennami, Chaverlance, Chouinard,  Clause, Clay, Conklin, Cote, Couture, Crete, Cretecos, Cronin, De Beaurivage,  Dean, Doyle, Gagnon, Gauche, Gerbert, Gillespie, Ginac, Goguen, Green, Guay, Hebert, Hoyt,  Lackyard, Lajoie, Lajoie-Normandin, Langlois, LaPoine, Lauzier, Lebel, Leblond, LeClerc, Lessard, Levasseur, Levesque,  Lizot, Mabille, Maclure, Maguire, Mahan, Maheu, Mailloux,  Mansfield, Mason, Marchand, Martin, Matte, Mayo, Mazza, Medler, Melanson, Menage, Michaud, Mignot, Millet, Mitchell, Miville, Moran, Morin, Morneau, Morrill, Murrey, Nadeau, Nicholson, Okumura, Ouellet, Packowski, Pelland, Pelletier, Perrault, Peterson, Pinel, Powers, Quayle, Roy, Sanger, Saulnier, Sirois, Sister, Sonia, Soucy, St Laurent, St Pierre, Strong, Summers, Thiboutot, Tondeau, Tooles,  Turner, Varney, White,  Wojtowicz, Wright, Wynne, Zeno


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